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Digital advertising trends to take us into 2019

Digital advertising shows no sign of slowing, with global digital ad spend ($209 billion) beating TV for the first time in 2017.

In the first half of 2018, digital advertising trends have dominated the marketing agenda as:

  • Brands take advantage of political and economic uncertainty in their adverts to win the trust of their audiences and uplift sales
  • Memes, GIFs and other multimedia ads have been capitalised upon as critical promotion tools
  • Live streaming to showcase products has dominated the social media sphere

Below are some of our insights into three key digital advertising trends that will have a strong impact through the rest of 2018.

Mobile-first advertising

The mobile-first approach has swiftly established itself as the preferred method for digital advertising. In 2018, over two-thirds of people are using mobile devices for everyday online usage. Crafting marketing strategies towards mobile devices and smartphones is non-negotiable.

The mobile-first approach has itself developed in recent years and goes beyond having a responsive website. It is now key that digital marketers take a mobile-first approach within many facets of the marketing process including product launches, promotions, customer mapping and experience, customer engagement and marketing automation.

Video advertising

Multi-media advertising, primarily through videos and live streams, has expanded rapidly in the first half of 2018. Mobile video advertising is expected to reach $10 billion this year and video is expected to absorb 80% of global Internet traffic by the end of 2019 (Cisco). Multi-media ads open up a whole new dimension where moving images can convey a message in a more elaborate and effective way.

Customers are spending more time watching videos. This is something digital marketers can capitalise on; over half of consumers would like to see more video content from marketers of all sectors. Video advertising is more engaging and simultaneously appeals to multiple senses. Video advertising is a high converter of leads to sales; adding video ads on ecommerce sites can increase purchases by over 35%. Furthermore, video advertising is more likely to be shared, making it a more effective way of reaching a broader audience.


Personalisation remains one of the most effective techniques for digital marketing. Even with the impact of GDPR, the advent of technological innovations continues to enhance data collection making personalisation more important than ever. 97% of marketers believe that personalisation is one of the keys to success in the digital marketing landscape. Marketers are constantly working to enhance their brands by building online experiences that provide engaging content, while remaining customised for each user.

More to come on the trends for 2019

The primary trends for 2019 are already starting to take shape with Location-based targeting, Augmented Reality and User Generated Content hitting the headlines. We’ll be providing more information on these and a lot more in future blogs.

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