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The world is now digital. There are more people connected to the digital domain than ever before, and the number is rising ever faster. And recent worldwide events have meant that we’re also living bigger chunks of our lives in the digital sphere than ever before, with home working joining shopping and leisure in the digital arena for millions of us.

That growth presents great opportunity, and plenty of brands have been quick to adjust their business models to take advantage. New digital media channels are coming online all the time – just look at the growth of Netflix or Disney+, for example. And more channels means more messages, and more content, all carefully targeted, and all produced for a world that now looks for instant gratification.

The fact is, with traditional media now viewed as slow and unresponsive, the average lifespan of each piece of content is getting shorter and shorter. News, opinions and marketing messages have to be absolutely up to the minute, and reflect not only current trends, but also the most recent developments in tech or the news. Content you produce this morning can be obsolete by this afternoon if you’re not careful – or quick – and the combined result of all of this is an increased burden on content production.

Changing realities

Of course market penetration, accurate targeting and channel optimisation continue to be hugely important. But the number one KPI for brands’ marketing teams now is speed, agility and efficiency. The world is now so inundated with messages, and they’re changing so quickly, that speedy, efficient response can now be what defines the difference between success and failure.

According to MITSloan, building those qualities into your organisation requires a holistic approach to both development and execution. They conclude that to achieve strong performance where it most matters to your clients, speed, agility and efficiency must be integrated into all areas of operation. You can’t have your creative concepts come back at lightning speed if it then takes days to get all the iterations done, for example. And if you’re not fast, you can bet your competitors are. So how do you go about that?

Join with expert partners already prepped to scale

Not every agency is in a position to simply dedicate a team to meet that need, or even to scale quickly to meet unpredictable and shifting demands. Even if you do have the resources, putting a high-quality team together can itself take time, a commodity in short supply in our industry.

The solution is to partner with a specialist who already has all those resources, and all the required expertise, in place. That doesn’t, if you pick the right partner, mean giving up control over your brand equity, or losing sight of quality control and approval privileges.

This is what Smartshoring® was designed for. Smartshoring® makes the best use of creative production talent, wherever that talent may be. As a result, it’s flexible enough to facilitate peaks and troughs in workload, while at the same time providing a 24/7 resource. Work can be done literally overnight, on brand and to exacting standards, ready for you to meet morning deadlines.

It’s an offshore solution that does the work of both finding the team and getting the production work executed. Clear communication and outstanding quality control mean you meet the modern-day needs for fast, accurate content, save money and retain your competitive edge without losing control. Come and talk to us about what Smartshoring® can do for you.

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