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Life seems to have come a full circle for many of us! Haven’t you observed kids playing house-house? They act like a mom, dad, teacher, office, kitchen, bike rider, sit behind the wheels of a car everything inside one room. Come to think of it, whether you like it or not, aren’t we all doing the same thing now! Donning several hats under the same roof, but this time not as per our own volition!

It is also a time ripe for cynicism and that can impact negatively. So, if you have to be scared, be scared of fear. I am tempted to quote from a recent HBR article on the discomfort we feel now as grief! And what can we do about it? Accept!

“Acceptance, as you might imagine, is where the power lies. We find control in acceptance. I can wash my hands. I can keep a safe distance. I can learn how to work virtually.”

So here we are – accepting and moving on because while we may be in a lock down, our hopes and beliefs aren’t!

Energizing Relationships

And while we are learning how to work virtually, it’s natural that you miss the energy of the colleagues around you. Social distancing for us social animals does not come easy! So we decided to switch to video huddles over Zoom which in a way helps to recreate the energy of the team and instil a better sense of bonding and togetherness. It helps in bringing back the “office atmosphere”, within the comfort of our homes!

Our current challenge relates to data downloading! Downloading heavy data in a non-commercial set-up can be problematic! A lot of time was being wasted in recharging data dongles and cards, due to the enormous size of files. So, we decided to give access to specific team members to the Amnet VPN server, which has made the data download a lot quicker, and erased the need for frequent data recharge.

Expecting more obstacles along the way … but together, we shall overcome! I am reminded of a quote by Sir Winston Churchill – “Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision.”

As you begin this week, I have nothing but best wishes for you, your family members and team members! Stay Home. Stay Safe!


Aashish Agarwaal
Founder and Managing Director

Shelley Harrison

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