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2020 State of the Market Report for Offshore Creative Production

Amnet’s 2020 State of the Market Report for Offshore Creative Production provides the latest, unique insight around current and future offshore practices, including locations, price points and services more suited to Smartshoring® .
This report looks at a range of findings, including:


  • Current offshore experiences; maturity, partners, locations, satisfaction
  • Planning for the future; locations and increasing offshore budgets
  • Creative Production Services best suited to offshoring
  • Primary reasons for offshoring and barriers to entry
  • Market rates for creative production services in the offshore market
  • Locations providing best value for money
  • Technology expectations
  • Approach to Smartshoring
Fact stating 64 percent of agencies are looking to offshore more in 2020
2020 State of the Market Report for offshore Creative Production

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"Offshoring has dramatically and positively changed the way we plan and exeute out marketing strategies.

Today, we focus on brand, marketing and e-business strategies that, from teh very start, consider offshoring as a fundemental channel to achieve marketing production efficiencies, especially when considering the benefits of cost creative and time execution."

Julie Loaiza