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We provide global consistency for every brand, on every pack, in every country.

We’re pioneers in pre-media brand packaging; our 20 years’ experience means you can be confident of outstanding quality and brand consistency at every touchpoint.

In an industry where deadlines can change at short notice, we have the flexibility and capacity to go above and beyond. Our globally agile packaging capabilities mean that when content, deadlines or any other details change, we can still execute creative packaging production on time and on budget, every time.


  • Master artworks and rollout creation
  • Design adaptation
  • 3D & CGI Visualisation
  • Reprographics, retouching, colour management and pre-press
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Design Adaptation

We know that the same package design won’t suit every market; there are big differences in languages and culture, and other more subtle differences in imagery, colour, pack sizes and layout which matter.

We are experts at taking your initial design and expanding it across pack formats, sub-brands and variants, getting it right for every iteration in every territory.

Reprographics, Retouching, Colour Management and Pre-press

Short of post-release, there’s only one worse time to spot a mistake in some small detail; when the presses are already rolling. You need to know that the tiniest details have been checked and if necessary corrected before then.

We offer a full service of colour separation and reduction, checking minimum line thickness, min/max dot, distortion, trapping – all the small things that can make a big difference if they’re not right.

3D & CGI Visualisation

Everything your audience will see outside of their own home, from bus stops to street furniture to giant digital displays, is a potential point of engagement. Out of Home displays can present targeted information in targeted locations, amplifying your brand in a way that the audience can’t miss.



Consumer Packaging Expertise

We have produced packaging for world-leading brands across many different sectors, from fashion, beauty and sports to food, drink, and FMCG.

Take a look at our packaging case studies.

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Smartshoring® Model

We are leaders in Smartshoring, a hybrid model of global offshore production studios and in-country client services teams. Making the best use of talent, wherever they may be.


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Our packaging agency uses the latest software, keeping it up to date so we can take your files quickly and efficiently. We use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and, as packaging specialists, ESKO ArtiosCAD.

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