Video Production

CGI, video post-production and motion graphics services for Toronto

Hundreds of videos are uploaded to the web or seen on TV every day. If you want to set yourself apart, your videos must be uncompromising in their quality.

We can help you deliver the best possible videos to your audience, while still saving you time, money and – importantly – making sure your Toronto team is never under more pressure than it needs to be.

No matter your needs, we can meet them. We offer CGI and motion graphic editing, and a range of video post-production services. Whether you’re putting together a social media campaign, working on a full-length film or a national advert, we can help you.

SmartshoringTM means that you can make use of the best talent, wherever they may be but communicate with a team that feels like it’s right there in Toronto with you!

We’re We Are Amnet, and we’d love to help you with:


Video post-production

No two videos have the same requirements, but no matter what you need, our team can help you complete your project. Compiling raw footage? Audio editing? Visual effects? It doesn’t matter. We can make the process easier and faster for you.


Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)

Our team can help you ensure that when you present your products to your audience, they always look their best. We can do everything from helping you create eye-catching mock-ups of your products, right through to creating a whole virtual environment in which to help show them off. First impressions matter. Don’t settle for less.

motion graphics

Motion graphics

From engaging typography to external moving images, our motion graphics can help take your project up to the next level, and ensure that you always grab the attention of your audience. We can help you ensure you’re never compromising on quality.

Why should you work with us?

  • A scalable service. Do you need to double the size of your project without notice? Our 1200+ staff can accommodate you. Never worry that you can’t deliver.
  • Flexible. We can create the perfect team to meet your requirements, and can change things as your needs change.
  • Reduce your costs. Smartshoringmeans that you get access to the best talent, wherever they may be, while having a team in your own country for you to communicate with.
  • Uncompromising quality. Our team uses only the latest video software packages, so you will always meet the highest industry standards.

Get the best, on time and quickly scalable

Our Smartshoringmodel sets us apart. Here’s why:

  • You can save 40% to 70%. Stay competitive and reinvest in your business
  • 60% faster turnaround. Under pressure? Let us help you get your video done with time to spare.
  • 20 years of experience. You can rely on us; we’ve been around for two decades. Don’t leave your project in the hands of amateurs.
  • 1200+ skilled staff, ready and waiting. Whatever your project, we can handle it.

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