Video Production

CGI Video Production and Motion graphics

Our video post-production offering is broad, we can manage the entire pipeline. From editing together raw footage, to color grading and adding in sound and visual effects. Alongside our partners in the US, we offer detail orientated, high quality, and timely editing services.

We know how critical deadlines are to overall success, whether that be for a full-length advert, short social media clip or feature length film, our rigorous procedures and talented staff make sure that you have exactly what you need on time and at the highest quality.

Because our video post productions company operates on a global level, with production hubs across India and in the United States we can offer the best prices to your business in Georgia without compromising on quality.


Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)

With the development of CGI, marketing your products online, or creating mock-ups of new packaging design is a far easier process. With CGI we can build your product virtually, put it into any background or space and view it at any angle. In short, anything you can dream up is possible to create with CGI.

motion graphics

Motion graphics

Motion graphics can be used to create extremely engaging adverts, films and marketing material. This is done by adding in typography and external moving images into film or video and it can create a stunning visual story. Consumers are becoming ever more bombarded by advertising, new products and video content so you need to stand out. Using a combination of CGI, video production and motion graphics could take your campaign to the next level.

Services we offer:
• Avid Studio edit suites
• Autodesk Flame 20 edit suites
• CGI: Nuke, Maya, After Effects, Adobe CS
• Final Cut Pro edit suites
• Pro-Tools 12 audio studios
• Resolve 16 grading suites